BearCat® G5

The Lenco BearCat G5 was designed for ballistic and blast protection as well as rugged off-road capabilities. It is fully constructed of certified steel armor plate and with the under body V-Hull Blast Shield and COBRA Blast Seats, the BearCat G5 is as close to a commercial MRAP / M-ATV vehicle as you can get.

The BearCat G5 can be used as a fighting vehicle, especially with the gunner’s turret and optional remote weapon station. It is ideally suited for Private Security Detail (PSD), Convoy Protection and for Perimeter Patrol and Security. The two side doors and single or double rear doors provides quick and easy entry and egress for up to (8) personnel. A dual Air Conditioning system cools the vehicle’s occupants and there is ample interior space for weapons, ammo and gear storage.

  • Military tires & wheels provide improved off-road capabilities
  • Military style turret allows for maximum visibility and protection
  • V-Hull Blast Shield protects against grenades and IED attack
  • All Mil-Spec Steel construction
  • 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG Protection
  • V-Hull Design and Blast Seats available
  • Commonality of parts with other BearCat variants
  • CROWS mountable


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