BearCat® VIP

The Lenco BearCat VIP is a personal protection vehicle that offers significantly higher ballistic and blast protection than is  possible in an armored Suburban or other commercial SUV. The BearCat VIP is built of Mil-Spec Steel Amor Plate and provides the same lifesaving capabilities of our field-proven BearCat APC in a lower profile variant.

  • Designed for Dignitary and VIP protection
  • Fully constructed of armor plate with under body V-Hull Blast Shield and Blast Seats
  • Seats 6 with a center aisle for easy entry and egress
  • Higher level of protection than any other armored SUV available
  • Ballistic Defeat Level: B-7 (Euro Standard); NATO STANAG Level 3 / Exceeds NIJ Level IV / .50 Caliber M2HB
  • All Mil-Spec Steel construction: No composite armor—which means it is truly multi-hit protection
  • Optional Blast Seats: as approved at Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) for use in MRAP vehicles
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