ARPA Funded BearCat G3

In a move aimed at bolstering the capabilities of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri, the local sheriff’s department has been granted  $334,715 of ARPA funds (American Rescue Plan Act) to invest in a new Lenco BearCat armored vehicle for their special operations team.

According to Lt. Mike Richardson, the new vehicle will replace the department’s current mine-resistant armored vehicle, which was donated to them as surplus. The weight of the current vehicle has been a cause for concern, as it has made it difficult to find replacement parts and maintenance costs have been high. The starter alone recently cost the sheriff’s office $2,600. However, the Lenco BearCat is set to change all that. The four-wheel drive vehicle is built on a Ford chassis with a Ford motor, which means replacement parts can be found at any local dealer. In addition, it is lighter and more maneuverable, which will allow for greater ease of use in high-stress situations.

Commissioner Dave Hinson has called the purchase of the new armored vehicle a “no-brainer”, citing the added protection it will provide for law enforcement officers, as well as residents and even suspects. The BearCat can hold up to twelve officers in SWAT gear and is designed to provide optimal protection in a variety of dangerous situations.

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