• Off-Road & Rural Missions
  • Seats 8 Fully Equipped Officers
  • Utility APC
  • Wide variety of interior layouts 

The Lenco LandCat is the newest variant to the Lenco family of light APCs. The LandCat utilizes proven Lenco technology in a lightweight Modular variant designed for Special Ops, Counter Terrorism or Internal Security applications. The off-road APC provides up to BR6 Armor Protection with high ground clearance for aggressive off-road performance and excellent maneuverability. The LandCat offers a wide variety of interior layouts and option such as Thermal Camera, Weapons mounting / storage and Hydraulic RAM Bar. If your mission takes you off-road, the LandCat will get you where you need to go.

  • All Mil-Spec Steel construction
  • Up to BR6 Armor Protection
  • 3,000+ lb. load rating
  • Rotating Roof Hatch With Multi-Height Gunner Stand
  • Anti-Riot, Counter Terrorism and CBRNE Options

To protect the security of our customers, all product information and brochures are password protected and only available to Authorized Law Enforcement and Government Personnel and Government Agencies. Individuals with Secure Log-In credentials will have access to Lenco’s proprietary Vehicle Builder as well as enhanced photo galleries, video archives, and extended product & company information. If you are a qualified individual, please contact Lenco for more information.

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