BearCat® X3 - FIRECAT

Military and International
Military and International / BearCat X3 – FireCat
  • Quick Reaction Fire Response & Crowd Control
  • Seats 4 – 5 Fully Equipped Officers
  • Internal Joystick Controls for Water Nozzles
  • Secondary Tank: Proportioning System to mix with water

The ‘FireCat’ variant of the Lenco BearCat X3 is a quick-response armored vehicle with self-contained water deployment capability. The fully protected, onboard water tank and roof-mounted nozzle can address civil disturbance scenarios and small structure or car fires before they turn into large scale property damage. The vehicle can also hook direct to a main water line, pumper truck or large Water Cannon truck for continuous water flow. The FireCat can be paired with Lenco’s Anti-Riot options, including the front hydraulic plow, protective window screens, chemical munitions launchers and LRAD device. The X3 FireCat comes standard with Lenco’s proven armor protection, rotating roof hatch and tactical breaching tools, including the RAM Bar, Gas Injector Unit, 4-Way RAM Camera and piercing Water Spike. A bumper mounted forestry nozzle is also available.

  • Designed for Riot Scenarios with Fire Response & Crowd Control requirements
  • Steel Armor Construction with optional B-Kit & underbody frag protection
  • V8 Turbo Diesel Engine for high speed and off-road capability
  • Onboard Water ‘Skid’ is removable to convert FireCat to standard X3 platform
  • Gunner Protection Kit with mounts for M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for easy and low-cost maintenance
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