Santa Fe, NM – Santa Fe police presented their newest tool in crime fighting, the $250,000 BearCat armored tactical vehicle, to the City Council on Wednesday.  With its black paint job and big, knobby tires, it looks a little like a not-so-aerodynamic Batmobile.

“The primary function is officer safety,” said Offier John Schaerfl, the department’s Special Weapons and Tactics team leader. Schaerfl said the BearCat is perfect for situations where officers might face armed suspects, such as hostage or barricade situations.

The vehicle is a converted Ford F-550 truck made by Lenco Armored Vehicles in Pittsfield, Mass.  It seats up to 13 officers on two seats and two rear benches and is equipped with an intercom system that will allow officers to negotiate with an armed suspect.

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