Law Enforcement

The Lenco BearCat®

Lenco trucks can be used in a variety of missions. The BearCat, our best selling truck, may be used as a S.W.A.T. and Rescue Vehicle and is often used in hostile Urban Environments or as a Patrol/Reaction Vehicle on a Military Base. The BearCat, with its standard NIJ IV armor and 4WD system, can carry up to 10 people through varying terrain. The BearCat has been embraced by several DoD and DoE Security Forces and, because of its affordability, low maintenance expenses, ease of use and superior armor level, is increasingly the replacement vehicle of choice for up-armored Humvees. It may also be equipped with our optional Mechanical Rotating Turret with Cupola (Tub) and Weapon Ready Mounting System, suitable for the M60, 240B and Mark 19 weapons system.

The Lenco BEAR®

The BEAR, our original workhorse unit, is armored to the same NIJ IV Level and can be used in a similar manner as the BearCat. Its larger size and payload capacity allows it to move more gear and personnel. The BEAR is commonly used to replace APCs or large SWAT Vans. It can seat up to 15 team members and can be used for evacuations of 30 or more individuals. It has significant ramming power, especially when ordered with the optional 4WD system.