BearCat model shown with optional configuration and accessories

BearCat X3 Features

  • Seating for 4-5 fully-equipped officers
  • Modular cargo bed design with 70 -85 cubic feet capacity (based on configuration)
  • Wide variety of interior layouts and rear configurations
  • All-steel armor construction
  • High ballistic protection
  • 4x4 drivetrain
  • 2,000+ lb. load rating
  • Commonality of parts with other BearCat variants

Fast, flexible and formidable.

The versatile BearCat X3 is purpose-built to serve as a lightweight, modular variant for Special Forces, Counter Terrorism and Internal Security operations. Certified Mil-spec steel construction with optional B-Kit and blast protection provides high-caliber armor protection for up to five fully equipped operators. An optional V8 turbo engine and 4×4 transmission deliver excellent speed and maneuverability for off-road and rural missions.  


A standard rear cargo utility bed boasts a load rating of 2,000+ lb. and can be configured for radar surveillance, water deployment, weapons mounting/storage and armored recovery missions. Mounts for an M249, Mk19, M2 .50 Cal and additional weapons are available based on requirements. The BearCat X3 can even support a Remote Weapons Station (RWS) for Counter Assault operations.

Fortunately, it’s a four wheel drive truck with a lot of ground clearance, so we were really able to go through thick mud over boulders to access neighborhoods that were affected by the mudslides and reach people’s homes to evacuate them. — Sgt. Joe Schmidt
| Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office Special Enforcement Team
Santa Barbara, California

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