MedEvac Ambulance

Purpose-built to save lives

Combat medics and medical corpsmen around the world are tasked with delivering life-saving care, often exposing themselves to battlefield danger including gun and artillery fire, mines, improvised explosive devices and more. Speed is their key to mission success, whether that means administering care on the spot or evacuating the wounded from the “hot zone” to the safety of a field hospital.  


Combat medical personnel need a medical evacuation vehicle that provides armored protection, along with the interior space and equipment they need to safely and efficiently treat as many of the wounded as possible. It also needs to have the ground clearance to find the way through the roughest terrain or rubble-filled streets.

Lenco builds its BearCat Medevac vehicles from the ground up to equip combat medics with the patient capacity, equipment and mobility required to meet and exceed the requirements of tactical combat casualty care (TC3). 


Based on Lenco’s proven design, all BearCat Medevac vehicles are purpose-built from Mil-spec steel armor plate and ballistic glass for unquestioned protection. A custom-modified commercial truck chassis combines incredible on-road and off-road maneuverability and performance with the practicality of warranty-covered repairs, affordable maintenance and easy part replacement. Inside, there is ample room for up to four litters, along with a seat for the medic and storage for medical gear. Lenco BearCat Medevac vehicles are trusted by Combat medics and medical corpsmen in the U.S. and around the world.

The Lenco MedEvac Ambulance Platform

Lenco’s BearCat MedEvac is built from the ground up to meet and exceed the high-stakes demands of combat medical personnel with unmatched armored protection and ample space for medical care.



The MedCat (BearCat Medevac) is purpose-built to meet the combined needs of SWAT and Tactical EMS teams, providing a safe and effective environment to deliver immediate care to trauma cases.
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