EOD Police Vehicles

Threat defused.

The rapid advances in technology and the ability to turn even the most harmless household products into powerful explosives are resulting in more sophisticated bombs and improvised explosive devices capable of inflicting serious damage over a larger area. 


In response, Lenco enlisted the help of a team of leading EOD/IEDD police professionals to gain a “front line” understanding of what EOD vehicles need to help bomb technicians do their jobs quickly, efficiently – and most importantly, safely. The result is the BearCat EOD, better known as the “BombCat.”


The BombCat is a game-changing solution for EOD police operating in high-risk scenarios where explosives and booby traps may be involved, including barricaded subjects, high-risk warrant service, explosive breaching and public disturbances. The BombCat can be customized to order, offering endless seating, work area, storage and equipment configurations to create the ultimate EOD vehicle. It can even transport, unload and operate two bomb disposal robots simultaneously – all from the safety of the heavily-armored cabin.

Lenco EOD vehicles are built on customized heavy-duty commercial truck chassis platforms. This means that repairs, maintenance service, and parts replacement are covered by a warranty, and are available at any number of OEM dealers, truck centers and retail parts stores. Over a five-year period, maintenance cost savings alone often pay for the difference in price between Lenco EOD vehicles and other non-commercial, specialized armored vehicles. 


Every Lenco EOD vehicle is built with Mil-Spec steel armor plate, certified to defeat multi-hit attacks from 7.62 AP to .50 caliber BMG rounds. The ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection, and ballistic glass windows offer the same multi-hit defeat and crystal-clear vision.

The Lenco BearCat EOD Platform

Lenco’s BombCat EOD vehicles are trusted by EOD police and military teams around the world, delivering unrivaled protection and performance.



Designed with guidance of leading EOD/IEDD professionals, the BombCat (BearCat EOD) accommodates a large tactical robot which bomb technicians can operate from the safety of an armored cabin.
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