Elevated Tactics System

Help is never out of reach.

From SWAT and counter-terrorism to fire and rescue, first responders know the challenges of executing law enforcement and rescue operations in a multi-story scenario. That’s why  Lenco offers a selection of strong, lightweight Elevated Tactics Systems (ETS ) to provide rapid intervention capabilities to security teams at airports, marine ports and other building complexes. 

Based on Lenco’s proven design, all elevated tactics vehicles are purpose-built from Mil-spec steel armor plate and ballistic glass for unquestioned protection. A custom-modified commercial truck chassis combines incredible maneuverability and performance with the practicality of warranty-covered repairs, affordable maintenance and easy part replacement. Lenco Elevated Tactics vehicles are trusted by law enforcement and rescue professionals in the U.S. and 50 countries around the world. 

The Lenco BearCat Tactical ETS Platform

Lenco started with their proven BearCat platform and added the working space and capabilities first-responders need to treat trauma patients on the scene. 

BearCat Elevated Tactics

BearCat Elevated Tactics

When paired with an optional elevated tactics system, the proven Lenco BearCat platform gives first responders an armored vehicle capable of providing immediate access to multi-story structures.
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