A full lineup of armored trucks and armored SUVs

The industry’s most trusted armored response and rescue vehicles


In 2000, Lenco introduced the purpose-built armored truck to the armored police vehicle industry. Today, nearly 7,000 Lenco armored trucks and armored SUVs are serving law enforcement and peace-keeping organizations around the world.

We never know what we’re going to come up against. I want the team to have the best safety advantage in any incident. — Sheriff Michael Filicetti
| Niagara County Sheriff’s Office
Lockport, New York

The Lenco Lineup

Every Lenco Armored Vehicle has been designed from the ground up to provide first responders with the performance they need and the protection they deserve.

BearCat G2

Excellent maneuverability and long list of tactical features establish the BearCat G2 as the standard armored tactical vehicle for government and law enforcement special operations units.
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BearCat G3

Lenco’s BearCat G3 begins as the standard BearCat G2 before adding an upgraded heavy-duty suspension and off-road wheels, tires and run-flats to deliver enhanced off-road performance.
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BearCat G4

Enhanced underbody frag protection and shock-resistant seating make the rugged BearCat G4 the ultimate armored vehicle for Quick Reaction Forces and Counter Assault Teams.
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BearCat G5

An underbody V-Hull and blast-attenuating seats, and multiple weapon integration configurations equip the versatile BearCat G5 for any troop transport and convoy protection mission.
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BearCat X3

The versatile BearCat X3 combines the protection of a 4-door armored cab with the utility of a modular cargo bed design to create a lightweight armored truck for Special Forces, Counter Terrorism and Internal Security duties.
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Designed with guidance of leading EOD/IEDD professionals, the BombCat (BearCat EOD) accommodates a large tactical robot which bomb technicians can operate from the safety of an armored cabin.
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The MedCat (BearCat Medevac) is purpose-built to meet the combined needs of SWAT and Tactical EMS teams, providing a safe and effective environment to deliver immediate care to trauma cases.
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The FireCat is a fire-fighting variant of Lenco’s proven BearCat X3, combining a protected onboard water tank with a roof-mounted nozzle for quick-response to fire and civil disturbance scenarios.
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BearCat SUV

Lenco’s Armored SUV adds a long list of custom modifications and accessories to the proven BearCat platform to deliver uncompromised safety, performance and passenger comfort.
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BearCat Elevated Tactics

When paired with an optional elevated tactics system, the proven Lenco BearCat platform gives first responders an armored vehicle capable of providing immediate access to multi-story structures.
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