BearCat model shown with optional configuration and accessories

FireCat Features

  • Seating for 4- 5 fully-equipped officers
  • Internal joystick controls
  • Foam tank: proportioning system
  • All-steel armor construction
  • High ballistic protection
  • V-8 turbo diesel engine
  • Commonality of parts with other BearCat variants

Confidence under fire.

Lenco’s firefighting variant of the BearCat X3 is a quick-response armored vehicle equipped with a protected water deployment system. The onboard water tank and a secondary tank for the proportioning foam system feed a roof-mounted nozzle capable of fighting property and vehicle fires before they can cause large-scale damage. The X3 FireCat can also be hooked to a main water line or pumper truck for continuous water flow. 


The entire system is controlled by a joystick from inside the armored cabin, constructed with Mil-spec steel and ballistic glass to protect the crew from gunfire, shrapnel and even storm-driven debris. The interior offers seating and space for 4–5 fully equipped operators to work effectively. 


The X3 FireCat can also be equipped with optional tactical breaching tools, including a RAM bar, gas-injector unit, 4-way RAM camera and piercing water spike. An optional bumper-mounted forestry nozzle is also available.

It was the protection provided by an armored vehicle that allowed police to patiently wait outside as they tried to negotiate with the suspect, instead of storming in, putting everyone’s lives at risk. — Kaitlin Bane
| Fox Montana

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