BearCat model shown with optional configuration and accessories

MedCat Features

  • Mil-Spec steel armor construction
  • High-ballistic, multi-hit protection
  • Custom-modified Ford F-550 chassis
  • 6.7-liter turbo diesel V-8 engine
  • 4x4 transmission
  • On-road/Urban (G2) or Off-road/Rural (G3) Tire packages
  • Space for two (2) litters
  • On-board oxygen tanks
  • Lighted workstation
  • Radio compartment workstation
  • Storage compartments for medical supplies
  • Roof hatch, elevated stand and accessports

The sure way out of harm’s way

SWAT and Tactical EMS teams often face life-saving scenarios that require advanced medical care in the middle of the “hot zone.” Lenco’s BearCat Medevac G2, better known as the “MedCat,” provides a safe and effective space to give trauma cases immediate attention and the ability to quickly move the patient out of harm’s way, to the nearest medical facility outside of the hostile environment.


Based on Lenco’s proven G2 or G3 variants, the MedCat comes standard with on-board oxygen tanks, a lighted workstation with power inverter, overhead trauma lighting, IV hooks, suction and benches designed for rapid response litters. The MedCat also offers a variety of optional features designed to support Tactical EMS operations.


The armored body is constructed from Mil-spec steel armor, providing superior protection from high-caliber weapons, as well as storm-blown debris. A standard roof hatch and access ports give the MedCat full tactical capability for Response & Rescue missions.

We never know what we’re going to come up against. I want the team to have the best safety advantage in any incident. — Sheriff Michael Filicetti
| Niagara County Sheriff’s Office
Lockport, New York

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