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How To Buy


We understand that purchasing a Lenco armored vehicle represents a major investment. Over our years of experience, we’ve pulled together several resources to help you get the protection you deserve.

Contracts & Financing

Your first step is to consider our financing options, which include leasing programs and pre-approved purchasing contracts.

Free Grant Assistance

We also provide free grant assistance to help your organization identify and apply for grants to fund your purchase.

Get Started

When you’re ready to buy, or any time you need help identifying your next steps, our sales associates are ready to serve.

U.S. Government Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

We work closely with government and private organizations to provide a collection of contracts that are pre-approved in many States and may be utilized by any municipality in the U.S. Our GSA or Sole Source programs ensure that you will get the Federal Government’s guaranteed minimum price. To learn more about how these purchasing contracts can help you purchase a Lenco Armored Vehicle for your community, contact a member of our sales team.

During the blizzard, our BearCat was one of the few vehicles we had to assist 108 stranded motorists…you’ve got to find a way to help make that happen, and that’s what we did. — Sgt. Ricky Ahlgren
| Aurora Special Response Team
Aurora, Colorado

GSA Federal Acquisition Service 
– Multiple Award Schedule


Contract Number: GS-07F-169DA
Current Option Period End Date: Aug 22, 2026


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H-GAC – Ambulances, EMS and Other Special Service Vehicles


Contract Number: AM10-23
Current Option Period End Date: Sept 30, 2027


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New Jersey Cooperative Purchasing Alliance(Bergen County Co-Op – Catalog / SWAT Equipment


Contract Number: BC-Bid #21-55 (COOP)
Current Option Period End Date: Dec 3, 2024
Lead Agency: County of Bergen, NJ
Lead Contractors:
Tomahawk Strategic Solutions


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North Carolina Sheriff’s Association (NCSA) – Fire and EMS 2022-2023


Contract Number: 23-03-0524
Current Option Period End Date: Jun 17, 2025


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US Communities (OMNIA Partners) – Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness


Contract Number: 4400008468
Current Option Period End Date: Sept 30, 2024
Lead Agency: County of Fairfax, Virginia
Lead Contractor: Safeware, Inc., and Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC


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Howard County, MD Office of Procurement and Contract Administration – New Vehicles, 
Class 1 – 7


Contract Number: 4400004548
Current Option Period End Date: Jun 30, 2025


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State of Iowa – Specialty Vehicles: Armored Rescue Vehicle


Contract Number: 005-RFB-0437-2023 / 23202
Current Option Period End Date: Aug 31, 2024
Lead Agency: County of Fairfax, Virginia
Lead Contractor: Safeware, Inc., and Mallory Safety & Supply, LLC


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TIPS – The Interlocal Purchasing System


Contract Number: 210907 (Automobiles)
Current Option Period End Date: Nov 30, 2024


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TX SmartBuy – Vehicle 5501


Contract Number: 070-M1 / IFB 304T-23T070A1
Current Option Period End Date: November 30, 2024


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Sourcewell – Public Procurement Cooperative Purchasing: Public Safety and Emergency Management


Contract Number: 080922-SAF
Current Option Period End Date: October 07, 2027


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Financing Options

Lenco works to provide cost-effective lease financing to state and local governments, authorities, agencies, school districts and non-profit corporations for the acquisition of equipment and real property.  The goal is to create the best possible financing solutions for our clients, working together to  meet your needs. Financing options include: Tax-exempt or Municipal Leases, Lease Purchases, Installment Sales Agreements, Operating Leases, Rental Agreements, and Vendor and Broker Programs.

Sole Source

Lenco Industries Inc. (d/b/a Lenco Armored Vehicles), as designer and manufacturer, is the Sole Source provider of the following products in the United States and internationally:

Lenco BEAR®

Lenco BearCat®

Lenco BombCat®

Lenco MedCat™

Lenco FireCat™

Additionally, these Lenco products, their specifications, manufacturing techniques and marketing materials are proprietary and are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, nondisclosure agreements, noncompete agreements and exclusive supply agreements; in whole or in part. In summary, Lenco Armored Vehicles, based in the United States, is the only manufacturer or authorized dealer of the Lenco BearCat, its variants or its equivalent.