MRAP Vehicles

Built to deliver more than a fighting chance

The state of warfare has changed. The greatest threats no longer exist strictly at the front lines. In fact, the greatest number of casualties in Overseas Contingency Operations are caused by improvised explosive devices, rocket-propelled grenades, explosively formed penetrators and underbody mines. Troop transport, routine patrol and convoy escort missions have become increasingly dangerous. The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle is an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting troops operating in hostile environments.


To meet the demand, Lenco transformed their proven BEAR and BearCat armored vehicles into military-grade troop carriers capable of playing multiple roles in any combat or other high-risk scenario.

All Lenco MRAP vehicles are purpose-built from Mil-spec steel armor plate and ballistic glass for unquestioned protection. A custom-modified commercial truck chassis combines incredible maneuverability and performance with the practicality of warranty-covered repairs, affordable maintenance and easy part replacement.


Lenco MRAP vehicles are trusted by U.S. Armed Forces operating stateside and around the world.

The Lenco MRAP Vehicle platform

Lenco’s proven MRAP platform offers the versatility to custom-build an MRAP vehicle with mission-specific capabilities and the ability to perform in any hostile environment.

BearCat G5

BearCat G5

An underbody V-Hull and blast-attenuating seats, and multiple weapon integration configurations equip the versatile BearCat G5 for any troop transport and convoy protection mission.
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