The Lenco MedEvac LE was designed to meet the combined requirements of SWAT & Tactical EMS Teams. This BearCat model can be used as an armored Response & Rescue SWAT truck for dangerous call-outs, and is equipped to provide Tactical EMS with a safe & effective environment to deal with trauma cases.

The MedEvac LE allows (2) Litters to be secured to the floor, while still having room to utilize the roof hatch and gunner’s stand. There are on-board Oxygen tanks with a lighted work station, a radio compartment work station and ample interior compartments for medical supplies & gear storage.

  • Designed to meet the needs of SWAT & Tactical EMS teams
  • Increased vehicle length provides room for (2) Litters to be secured to the floor
  • All Mil-Spec Steel construction
  • 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG Protection
  • Equipped with (2) Litters for trauma cases
  • On-Board Oxygen tanks, lighted work station, ample compartments for medical supplies
  • Roof hatch, gunner’s stand and gun ports allow for Response & Rescue missions
  • Commonality of parts with other BearCat variants
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