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BearCats: More Affordable Than You Think

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If you’ve found your way to this page, you likely are interested in acquiring one of our vehicles but are wondering if it’s financially feasible. We think it will surprise you to learn just how affordable our BearCats are.

Let’s get to the facts. The US Government base price of a 2020 Lenco BearCat is $200,704. If you’re still looking for a more affordable option, you might consider one of our pre-owned BearCats ranging from $125,000 up to $180,000 depending on the model year and options. Your agency might also consider sharing the expense across departments. Some agencies choose to purchase BearCats as regional or multi-discipline assets.

If you’re surprised by these figures, you may be equally surprised to learn of all the available grants, financing and purchasing options to help with a vehicle acquisition.

Grant Funding and Writing Assistance

We understand that most first responders assigned to work on grant projects for their departments have limited experience in grant writing, not to mention restrictions on time to devote to the task. To help, we offer grant writing assistance at no cost and without obligation.

Our grant writer has a thorough knowledge of available grants and the grant application process. We are happy to craft a narrative for you, or, if your agency prefers to start the process, we can review or edit your work to take the application to the next level.

Consider Leasing or Private Fundraising

Many agencies choose to lease Lenco vehicles due to the low upfront costs and monthly payments. Unlike traditional lease programs in the car industry, at the end of a Lenco lease, you’ll be extended a $1 buy-out.

Another creative financing option is fundraising. Some agencies may permit donations from organizations or private citizens to fund the purchase of a vehicle. We will accept orders from these organizations provided we are given assurances that your agency is assigned as the end and sole user of the BearCat vehicle.

GSA Purchasing Schedule, H-GAC Cooperative, US Communities and More

If purchased through the GSA Cooperative Purchasing Schedule 84, HGACBuy, US Communities Contract or another sole-source program, you’re guaranteed the Federal Government’s lowest purchase price, while avoiding the hassle of writing specs, managing a public bid or drafting a new contract. And, what’s more, this process keeps contracts confidential and out of the public domain. Reach out today to learn more and request a Sole Source Affidavit.

The Low Cost of Maintenance

Every BearCat is built on the Ford Super Duty platform. As such, warranty-covered repairs, maintenance service, and parts replacements on the vehicle chassis can be performed at any number of OEM dealers, truck centers and retail parts stores. This means that over a five-year period, savings in maintenance costs often pay for the cost of a Lenco armored vehicle over other specialized military vehicles.

Ready to Talk?

Our goal is your safety. To achieve this goal, we are proud to offer our vehicles at affordable prices to make them attainable to the largest audience possible. If you would like to discuss your agency’s unique objectives to find out if one of our vehicles can meet them, or if you’re ready to move forward with a purchase, we’d love to hear from you.