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Celebrate First Responders

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October 28 is National First Responders Day

It’s no secret that we celebrate first responders, after all, helping them do what they do best is at the core of what we do every day of the year. Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment today, October 28, to acknowledge National First Responders Day with a post meant to pay tribute to this group of men and women.

It may surprise you to learn that National First Responders Day wasn’t in existence until 2017. That’s when Congress enacted a resolution to honor firefighters, police officers, EMTs and other groups in a formal way, annually. There may not have been an official observance until 2017, but we’d like to think that we’ve been celebrating since we opened our doors in 1981.

Because we understand and respect the dangerous nature of tasks performed by our end users, we ensure that everything we do—from market research, product design and development—is with this in mind, and with the goal of keeping first responders safe. And throughout each of these processes, with each product introduction and certainly each time we learn a vehicle has aided in a mission, we do take pause to celebrate our heroes.

How Can You Celebrate?

If you are a first responder, we hope you’ll take a well-deserved minute to yourself on October 28. If you, like us, respect the work of first responders but are not a first responder yourself, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Show your gratitude: Say thank you. Reach out to a group or groups you look up to and express your sincere appreciation.
  2. Raise money: Research ways to make a donation to those who dare to risk it all.
  3. Volunteer: Make a donation of time and support.

From all of us at Lenco, to our first responders: Thank You. For your bravery. For your selflessness. For your sacrifice. Thank you.