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Goodbye, Bread Truck

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Yuma, AZ – Yuma Police Department Detective Greg Counts won’t ever have to worry about getting “Bread Truck” duty anymore. Nor, for that matter, will any other member of the YPDs Special Enforcement Team.

The “Bread Truck” as it is known in the department, refers to the 1979 GMC armored car the team has been using since 1990 to hail members of SET to hostage situations, armed standoffs and other crime scenes which require special weapons and tactics…

Now, thanks to a $216,000 terrorism grant from the Department of Homeland security, the department is retiring the “Bread Truck” and replacing it with a Lenco BearCat armored response and rescue vehicle.

The brand new state-of-the-art vehicle features an armored exterior capable of repelling multiple hits from an assault rifle, blast protection from explosions, bulletproof glass and tires, a rotating roof hatch turret and plenty of space to store their gear.

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