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Lenco Armor to Introduce BearCat X3 at SOFIC

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Lenco Industries, the leader in tactical armored security vehicles, is proud to introduce the Lenco BearCat X3® – the newest variant to the BearCat family of light APCs. The BearCat X3® utilizes proven Lenco technology in a lightweight Modular variant designed for Special Ops, Counter Terrorism or Internal Security applications. The pickup-style APC provides up to BR7 Armor Protection with high ground clearance for aggressive off- road performance and excellent maneuverability. If your mission takes you off-road, the BearCat X-series will get you where you need to go.

The BearCat X3® boasts a large rear bed with a cargo capacity of 70 – 85 cubic feet based on configuration with a 2,000+ lb. load rating. The X3® offers a wide variety of interior layouts to include Lenco’s 360 degree rotating hatch and gunner stand and seating for 4-6 personnel. In addition to the large standard rear cargo Utility bed, configurations include networked Radar Surveillance for Border Security Operations, a self-contained Water deployment package, Weapons mounting and storage and Medical Evacuation. The BearCat X3® is also designed for Border Security Operations, which includes integration of the Telephonics Radar and Video Enforcement Network-Mobile (RaVEN®-M) system along with NetCom and TruLink intercom units.

The Lenco BearCat X3® is a versatile package that creates a fleet of protected vehicles with low cost of ownership and scalable capabilities for today’s mission and tomorrow’s evolving threats.

You can view the BearCat X3® with Border Security technology at booth #444, SOFIC 2016 Exhibition in the Tampa Convention Center from May 23rd – 26th.

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