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Manufacturing Excellence

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Celebrating Lenco’s Finest on National Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing excellence. What is it? Why is it important? And how do we achieve it? Since 1981, it’s the standard we set, expect and strive to achieve through every build. We do this by surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who recognize that our response and rescue vehicles help save lives and who take a strong sense of pride in their finished work. On this, October 2, National Manufacturing Day, let’s take a moment to thank the unsung heroes of our company: the men and women who work diligently every day, and achieve manufacturing excellence.

The Lenco Family

Lenco is currently nearly 150 team members strong and growing. We’re proud to share that many individuals have been with our company for 10, 15, 20 years or more! Suffice it to say, our team is experienced, and their experience is invaluable to new members who join us. As any of you who have driven in a Lenco vehicle can attest, this experience shines through—our builds are precise.

Our manufacturing team possesses varied backgrounds and skillsets: some attended trade schools, some studied mechanical engineering in college, others come from the automotive industry. Together, their combined knowledge in manufacturing instructs the builds of our vehicles. This technical mindset also is tapped when custom orders are requested, or when R&D considers the addition of new vehicles to the line. Our manufacturing team really is the heart of our organization, and we truly do value each member of our team.

Made in the USA

Pittsfield, Massachusetts. In 2006, Forbes ranked Pittsfield as number 61 on its list of Best Small Places for Business, and you know what? We tend to agree. If you aren’t familiar with Pittsfield, perhaps you’ve heard of the Berkshires. We are located less than an hour away from the Albany, New York Airport, and are in close proximity to a number of trade schools and colleges whose graduates now work in our 170,000 square-feet of manufacturing space. The space and technologies we employ on our manufacturing floor are conducive to products being meticulously built. And our team members ensure this level of execution.

Join Us

Do you have an interest in achieving manufacturing excellence with us? We’re regularly looking for qualified candidates to come on board. Who knows? Maybe next year, we could be celebrating you on National Manufacturing Day. Browse current career openings within our organization and complete an application for employment.