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McPherson County acquires Lenco BearCat

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office and McPherson County Police Department are adding a new asset to the force: an armored vehicle called the BearCat. The county said the vehicle will enhance public safety, officer safety, and response capabilities for the McPherson County Special Response Team (SRT).

“The BearCat represents a significant upgrade for our SRT’s capabilities,” said Jerry Montagne, McPherson County Sheriff. “This armored vehicle will protect our officers during critical incidents and allow them to more effectively respond to threats.”

The sheriff’s office and police department will split the costs to purchase and maintain the vehicle.

Both the sheriff’s office and the police department said the BearCat will provide the county with several advantages, such as:

  • Enhanced Officer Protection: The armored shell of the BearCat safeguards officers from gunfire and other ballistic threats during active shooter situations, hostage negotiations, and high-risk warrant service.
  • Improved Standoff Capability: The BearCat offers a protected environment from which officers can potentially establish communication with suspects, deploy tactical resources, and resolve situations peacefully whenever possible.
  • Increased Public Safety: The BearCat’s presence can help de-escalate potentially violent situations and minimize the risk of harm to civilians and law enforcement personnel alike.
  • Disaster Response: The BearCat’s design and high ground clearance make it suitable for navigating debris-filled streets or flooded areas following natural disasters. This allows officers to conduct search and rescue missions and aid affected communities.


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