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View All Articles | December 8, 2000

Olver, Kennedy And Kerry Announce $300,000 for Berkshire County Regional Strategic Response Team

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Washington, DC – Today, Congressman John W. Olver (D-1st District), Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senator John F. Kerry announced that $300,000 was included for the Berkshire County Regional Strategic Response Team (SRT) in the final version of the bill funding the Commerce, State and Justice Departments.

“The cities and towns of Berkshire County have put together a great cooperative effort to deal with crises throughout the county,” Olver said.

Located in Pittsfield, the SRT assists in situations that require exceptional police action. The SRT will be trained to provide police action in the case of hostage situations, natural disasters, search and rescue operations, mob action, civil disturbances, unusual occurrences, or any other situation threatening the peace of the jurisdiction…

“As a region comprised entirely of rural towns and small cities, Berkshire County has a unique set of needs,” Olver said. “In order to protect the quality of life in Berkshire County, we need well-trained, responsive law enforcement. This Strategic Response Team will be an invaluable asset to local residents in time of emergency, and this funding will help ensure that officers receive the necessary training and equipment.”

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