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Plan for the Unexpected

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Discussing Fire Cessation During Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention Week falls between October 4 and 10. The observance, created by the National Fire Protection Association in 1922 and recognized nationally by President Coolidge in 1925, is an annual reminder to safeguard homes and educate families on how to plan for the unexpected. This year, with the devastation we’ve seen across Oregon and California, the week takes on a more somber tone and highlights the critical need for the observance.

Each year, a new theme is announced, and this year’s focuses on the area of the home where most fires occur: the kitchen. Did you know that cooking is the number one cause of home fires and home fire injuries? While our vehicles, unfortunately, can’t prevent fires from occurring, they most certainly can have a hand in helping to extinguish them. This blog focuses on fire cessation achieved by our vehicles, including a discussion of some features and accessories you may wish to consider as you build your rescue and response vehicle.

Introducing You to the BearCat X3 FireCat

It may surprise you to know that we offer a line of vehicles for Fire and EMS professionals. Here, we’ll break down the BearCat X3 FireCat, one of the newest vehicles in the growing line of tactical, armored response and rescue vehicles we manufacture.

Born from our signature BearCat®, the BearCat X3 FireCat includes many of the same trusted features: all-steel armor construction, high ballistic protection and a modular design. What sets the X3 FireCat apart, however, is a protected, onboard water tank and roof-mounted nozzle. If continuous water flow is required, the vehicle can connect to a water line or a pumper truck. A bumper-mounted forestry nozzle is also available.

The vehicle seats four to six fully equipped operators and comes standard with armor protection and rotating roof hatch. An optional hydraulic RAM bar, gas injector unit, 4-way RAM camera and piercing water spike are also available.

Reliable and Effective Response

The design and capabilities of the X3 FireCat make it an ideal solution for disturbances and small structure or car fires, allowing tactical teams to respond to the scene of an incident and extinguish flames before they escalate and cause large-scale property damage or significant casualties. In addition, their versatility makes them suitable regional assets, shared between police and fire departments.

From intentionally set flames in a residential neighborhood, to wildfires spanning acres of forest, our vehicles are designed to respond, reliably and effectively.

Interested in Learning More?

Use National Fire Prevention Week as the reason to explore Lenco in greater detail. We’re here and ready to help you prepare and plan for the unexpected. Give us a call.