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View All Articles | November 8, 2000

SWAT Vehicle Approved

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Champaign, IL – Arguing to the bitter end, the city of Champaign decided Tuesday night to allow the police department to purchase a controversial $169,950 SWAT-team armored vehicle.

The Champaign City Council approved the purchase by a 7-2 vote. “I’m concerned that there has been, before the end of this year, 70 SWAT missions in a community whose headlines are barely ever graced with events apt for a SWAT team,” said council member Michael LaDue, who voted against the resolution…

Other council members who voted for the resolution were quick to remind the public that Champaign had a SWAT team and a SWAT-team vehicle since 1977 without ever attracting such attention.

“Champaign needs the SWAT team, and Champaign needs a properly equipped SWAT team,” said Mayor Jerry Schweighart.

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