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Texas Man Kills Ex-Governor’s Son, Fires AK-47 at Cops

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Granger unloaded 30-plus rounds into the armored truck before a sniper shot him dead

Tyler, TX — Howard Tod Granger was surrounded.

Lenco BearCat G3 at his front gate, sheriff at the back, helicopter in the sky, and a sniper in the yard.

The body was buried in his shed: Benjamin Gill Clements, former governor’s son, millionaire from Dallas.

Clements, 69, purchased tracts of land like other men bought cattle. Granger’s five acres in Henderson County had been surrounded by the retired CEO’s metal fences, private lakes and planted pines for years before the police encircled Granger on Oct. 22.

That afternoon, the law called out for Granger. He stepped out of his little blue house and answered with an AK-47.

Police say Granger unloaded 30-plus rounds into the Lenco BearCat G3 before a sniper shot him dead. And sometime between the first bullet and the last, they heard him scream what likely were his last words.

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