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Two California Sheriff’s Departments tap Lenco Armored Vehicles for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) vehicles

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San Diego and Riverside Counties add customized BearCat® EOD vehicles to their current fleets

Lenco Armored Vehicles, the leading manufacturer of tactical armored security vehicles for law enforcement, fire and rescue and government entities worldwide since 1981, announced that the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department have added the BearCat® EOD to their existing fleets of response vehicles.

“We’re excited to grow our relationship with these departments,” expressed Lenny Light, Lenco vice president.  “We developed the bomb response platform for the BearCat years ago with input from agencies around the country.  Since then, the BombCat has continued to evolve to meet the needs of urban and rural EOD teams with each unit we build.”

The BearCat EOD, also known as the BombCat, is built with Lenco’s trusted all-steel armor construction, high ballistic protection and modular design while incorporating an elevated, rear compartment to accommodate a tactical bomb disposal robot. The vehicle also contains a fold-out, curbside ramp for easy entry and egress of small or large robots as well as a customized interior workstation for monitored tracking of the equipment by bomb technicians.

“A standard, off-the-shelf BearCat EOD does not really exist; each one of these vehicles is manufactured to meet the unique requirements of our customers,” explained Light. “From robots to cameras, monitors to workstation layouts, our engineering team can create custom designed options to match a department’s existing technology.”

The BombCat also features a telescoping mast that can elevate 22.5 feet from the ground when fully extended, providing a secure bird’s-eye view with high-powered and thermal camera options. Depending on the chosen configuration, the vehicle seats five to ten fully equipped operators and can feature a variety of elements including a front-deploying robot platform, a bumper-mounted water monitor and an off-road tire package. In order to address the growing threats faced by the Counter-IED community, it can be additionally customized with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosives (CBRNE) and communications equipment. The BombCat sets itself apart from other EOD trucks by providing these integral elements while still featuring Lenco’s trusted all-steel armor construction.