Tactical EMS Vehicles

The EMS vehicle that only Lenco could build

For today’s Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) professionals, danger is a regular part of the job. From hostage rescues and barricaded gunmen, to weather emergencies and natural disasters, today’s first responders are bringing life-saving medical care into scenarios where normal EMS and Fire personnel cannot respond safely. 


TEMS teams need an EMS vehicle capable of withstanding everything from high-caliber rounds to storm debris blown by 100 mph winds. It needs to be heavy weight, and have the ground clearance to find the way through flooded or rubble-filled streets. Bottom line, they need a vehicle that gives them the ability to safely and effectively treat trauma cases, and quickly transport the patient out of the “hot zone” to get the care they so desperately need.  

Lenco builds tactical EMS vehicles from the ground up to equip Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) with an armored Response and Rescue truck that lets them safely do their job in the most dangerous of scenarios.


Based on Lenco’s proven design, all tactical EMS vehicles are purpose-built from Mil-spec steel armor plate and ballistic glass for unquestioned protection. A custom-modified commercial truck chassis combines incredible maneuverability and performance with the practicality of warranty-covered repairs, affordable maintenance and easy part replacement. Inside, there is ample room for EMS personnel to treat two stretchered patients, along with all the equipment necessary to treat and stabilize injuries until more advanced care can be administered. Lenco tactical EMS vehicles are trusted by TEMS professionals in the U.S. and 50 countries around the world. 

The Lenco BearCat Tactical EMS Platform



The MedCat (BearCat Medevac) is purpose-built to meet the combined needs of SWAT and Tactical EMS teams, providing a safe and effective environment to deliver immediate care to trauma cases.
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