Pittsfield, Mass. – Lenco Armored Vehicles, the leading designer and manufacturer of tactical armored security vehicles for law enforcement, fire and rescue and government entities worldwide, today announced the sale of two of its G2 BearCat® armored vehicles to the Western Australia Police Force. The department purchased these state-of-the-art armored vehicles to update its tactical fleet and ensure their tactical response group (TRG) is kept safe while responding to high-risk and dangerous situations.

The new G2 model BearCats are custom-built to meet the specific needs of the department and will support two older model BearCats already in the department’s fleet. In the past year, the department deployed the vehicles 45 times where protection was necessary to ensure officer and citizen safety when resolving high-risk and high-threat situations.

G2 BearCat® Facts:

    • BearCats can reach speeds of up to 81 miles per hour
    • High Ballistic Protection, defending against .50 caliber rounds
    • Seating for 10 – 12 fully equipped officers
    • Configurable with EOD, medical or fire response features

“These are armored vehicles that allow police to safely approach a threat situation such as someone with a firearm, it enables tactical teams to move in, in a safe manner,” said Police Minister Paul Papalia.

“I think it speaks volumes about the quality of the BearCat and our ability to provide global technical support, that Western Australia Police is adding additional units over 15 years after purchasing their first Lenco vehicles,” said Lenny Light, Vice President, Lenco Armored Vehicles. “And we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Western Australia Police Force as they grow their Lenco fleet.”
The new Lenco BearCats are expected to be delivered to Western Australia Police Force in April 2023.

About Lenco Armored Vehicles
Since its founding in 1981, Lenco Armored Vehicles has been the most trusted manufacturer of tactical armored security vehicles by law enforcement, fire and rescue and government entities worldwide. The privately held, family-owned and -operated company revolutionized tactical response with the advent of the BEAR® and BearCat®, and since, has designed and fabricated more than 6,000 armored vehicles in service by more than 800 state and federal agencies in all 50 states. Lenco prides itself on protecting defenders around the world and serving as the standard in the industry. For more information about Lenco Armored Vehicles, visit


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