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BearCats on the Big Screen

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Have you ever watched an action movie or television show and thought to yourself, “that bad guy’s mag was empty five rounds ago,” or “there’s no way that car could make that jump?” If you’re anything like us, technical inaccuracies jump off the screen. Likewise, we zero in whenever one of our vehicles makes an appearance. Luckily, they’re ready for their close-ups and are fairly depicted in their cameos. Interested in seeing what we mean? Here’s where you can find BearCats on the big screen.

Who Ya Gonna Call?


pain and gainWell, the Ghostbusters did in 2016. And coincidentally, so did some Navy Seals who needed to battle zombies. With so many options and features, it’s no wonder our BearCats have been so successful against both supernatural beings and the undead.

In fact, Lenco Engineering is known for innovative product solutions that are borderline supernatural. It’s this versatility that has made us the gold standard in the industry, and dare we say, galaxy?

A Super Vehicle for Some Superheroes

Jay Leno and BearCatIt’s true. Lenco is the vehicle of choice for Supergirl, The Flash and Luke Cage. We don’t normally drop names but while we’re at it, we’ve also caught the eye of Jay Leno and G.I. Joe. If you need to combat an American Heist or find yourself on the wire facing a Shooter with 2 Guns or one trying to flee in a Stolen vehicle, we can be of assistance.

How are we so confident? Even MacGuyver and Jason Bourne put their trust in us.

Need for Speed

Arnold Schwarzenegger and BearCatChances are, you now find yourself in a Captive State. We get it. Let those feelings Manifest, and tell your Deputy that you think Lenco can be a Breakout star in your agency. We’re ready to be put in the Line of Duty. Give us a call.

For a full list of Lenco cameos on the big and small screens, visit the Internet Movie Cars Database and the Internet Game Cars database. Or, if you’d like to take one for a spin, you can get your chance by playing Grand Theft Auto.