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Lenco Partners with to Auction ‘As-Is’ BearCats®

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Lenco has joined forces with to expand the availability of used BearCat armored response vehicles. 

Law enforcement and government end-users, including public fire and EMS departments, can now bid on Lenco’s As-Is vehicles for a fraction of their original price. BearCat models include G1s, G2s, and G3s from model years 2001 to 2014 based on availability. 

“We’re excited to introduce this new acquisition method for our customers,” said Lenny Light, vice president of sales for family-owned Lenco Armored Vehicles.  “Not only will this get BearCats into our customers’ hands faster, but at a much lower cost.”   

The vehicles will immediately be made available to their purchasing agency once the winning bidder is announced. Lenco has additionally partnered with an authorized refurbishment center to conduct any potential Ford or Lenco work thus ensuring that purchasers can be confident in their BearCat acquisition. 

“Maintaining our standard of service is really important to us,” said David Pfeiffer, parts manager and project lead for BearCat auction sales. “Our new partnerships with GovDeals, as well as a newly authorized refurbishment center, are designed to maintain the same service and quality that Lenco is known for, while getting BearCats delivered faster.” 

Lenco has selected as its partner because of its proven track record as the most experienced and trusted company in the government surplus industry. 

Interested agencies can check Lenco’s As-Is vehicle availability at 

As always, buyers can visit Lenco directly for new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at 

About Lenco Armored Vehicles
Since its founding in 1981, Lenco Armored Vehicles has been the most trusted manufacturer of tactical armored security vehicles by law enforcement, fire and rescue, and government entities worldwide. The privately held, family-owned-and-operated company revolutionized tactical response with the advent of the BEAR® and BearCat®, and has since designed and fabricated more than 6,000 armored vehicles in service by more than 800 state and federal agencies in all 50 states. Lenco prides itself on protecting defenders around the world and serving as the standard in the industry. For more information about Lenco Armored Vehicles, visit