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Making a Difference on National Manufacturing Day

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Observed on the first Friday in October, National Manufacturing Day recognizes American workers who operate behind the scenes to create critical products that we all rely on. It’s also the perfect day to encourage job seekers with a variety of applicable skills to join the manufacturing workforce. Here at Lenco, we recognize the important role that the men and women of our manufacturing team play in building response and rescue vehicles that help to save lives and protect first responders, and we’d like to provide you with some insight into our manufacturing process.

Our Manufacturing Process

Established in 1981, Lenco has provided engineering innovation for critical armored response and rescue vehicles for 40 years, producing more than 6,000 vehicles used in more than 40 countries around the world. With 170,000 square-feet of manufacturing space, our process is driven by vertical integration of key operations ranging from engineering to supply chain to production:

  • Engineering Design. Engineering at Lenco includes specializations in mechanical, electrical, automotive and manufacturing. From research and design (R&D) to testing and evaluation to 3D models and final prints used in manufacturing, Lenco strives to produce innovative and durable vehicles that are manufactured efficiently to industry-leading quality standards.
  • Metal Fabrication. The construction of the body of the vehicle, including CNC plasma cutting, vertical and horizontal press brakes, rollers, AWS-certified welding and assembly, is accomplished according to each end-user’s customized vehicle design.
  • Autobody Coatings. The interior and exterior painting process for the vehicle.
  • Automotive Mechanical and Electrical. The initial mechanical preparation of the Ford F-550 chassis to receive the Lenco armored components, as well as the final assembly of the vehicle. This process includes suspension upgrades, mounting reinforcements and all electrical wiring and installation of communications equipment, cameras, lights and other custom BearCat options.

What Our Team is Saying

We pride ourselves on offering manufacturing careers that allow our employees to thrive while being part of a meaningful process that helps to save lives. You don’t have to take our word for it, see what some of our valued manufacturing team members have to say about working at Lenco: 

“Awesome people to work with, awesome product to make and awesome company for the last 35 years and more than likely 35+ more years to come!”

—Lenco Engineering Team Member

“Love the work. Love the challenge. Love the product. Love the company. Love the schedule. Love the benefits and pay. Love the location.”

—Lenco Engineering Team Member

“The number 1 reason I joined Lenco is because of the type of manufacturing we do here (Heavy Fabrication / Automotive), this type of manufacturing is my passion and is very rare here in New England. Proximity to my home, great pay and benefits, family atmosphere, strong and active encouragement from management to pursue a healthy work/life balance, and a product to be proud of.”

—Lenco Engineering Team Member

“I am a Veteran and I feel honored to work here taking part in delivering a product that will save lives in the battlefield.”

—Quality Control Team Member

“The work itself is very impressive. So much goes into the design and quality of each truck.”

—Lenco Production Team Member

Join the Lenco Family

On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate the way our manufacturing team sets the industry standard for design and fabrication of response and rescue vehicles. If you’re interested in joining the Lenco family, we’re always looking for qualified candidates—you can browse current career openings within our organization and complete an application for employment. Contact us today to learn more.