Custom vehicle combines fire, medical and tactical features

The San Antonio Fire Department has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Founded in 1854 and comprised of 20 volunteer firefighters on a bucket brigade, the department now capably protects more than 2 million San Antonians with modern-day equipment including their latest acquisition, a custom MedEvac® from Lenco Armored Vehicles. Combining tactical options, medical features fire response and off-road capability, the San Antonio Fire Department’s custom-tailored armored rescue and response vehicle meets the needs of this busy department, allowing firefighters to respond to missions in the urban, suburban and rural settings throughout their community.

“We got to know this agency and their needs over time,” said Lenny Light, vice president of sales at Lenco Armored Vehicles. “They’d stop by our booth each year at FDIC [Fire Department Instructors Conference] to meet with us and stay up to date on new vehicle equipment.”

San Antonio’s MedEvac G3 includes a roof-mounted water monitor, low profile lighting, thermal camera, explosive gas detection system and more, making it a versatile addition capable of responding to varied emergency situations.

Built on a reinforced Ford F-550 chassis, the BearCat® MedEvac G3 is primarily sought-after by first responders and tactical EMS teams who utilize a Rescue Task Force.  It features onboard oxygen tanks, lighted workstation and ample storage for medical supplies including two litters. Utilizing the same body design, interior features and tactical options of Lenco’s base platform, but affording a higher ground clearance with off-road tires and suspension, the G3 allows teams to more readily respond to natural and man-made disasters, severe weather events or missions in rural settings.



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